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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Older Pictures

patchwork rabbit fur coat:  vintage gift from Amber
mink jaw earrings:  gift from Hope

A favorite mani worth remembering...

A case of the nails-that-won't-break!

Oof...some kind of grumpy day...

Another "basket case" nail art, via WAH inspiration...

and a few randoms that didn't make it to the internet til now...

Really can't wait til my hair is baaaaaaaaaaaack...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hope yours was as epic as mine was...seriously.

gettin my lady elf on ^_~

Dracula's Ball 
Philadelphia, PA 

An Elf and a Mermaid


 I was free to enjoy my life, so I did.

Etsy Listings...New

A few shots from some new listings on Etsy, going off this week ^_^


click the picture to go to this listing :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A day in the life of a self proclaimed "recessionista"

These two chairs were from a yardsale to help homeless kitties.  My Mom bought them for me at a steal of $25/chair.  I also got some $1 sweaters, a box of kitchen stuff for $10, and some toys for Runa.  None of which was photographed yet so I have nothing to share on that front.  

I went to Community Aide today to get Runa a new A/W 2012 wardrobe.  To my very confused surprise/dismay, it was Family Day.  50% off just about everything.  Mennonites, all kinds of Ethnic backgrounds and languages, and crowding as far as the eye can see.  Also...Pentecostal Christian radio blasting.  PRAISE be.  Surprisingly, as daunting as it seemed, my front row parking spot on the way in had me feeling very blessed and present.  I talked with Nanas and Mamas alike, even a little in Spanish (and I may have embarrassed myself...).  I enjoyed my time.  Runa kept trying to crawl over me to get to a balloon trapped with out its string on the ceiling.  My cart veered horribly left, A LOT.  But I had a good time.  ^_^  Life feels a bit like something important is falling in place. 

Most memorable Bubby things include 3 lovely snuggly vests, all in amazing condition and clean (though I always wash everything first).  Also a short sleeved jacket by Baby Phat...blinged the eff out, for $1.50.  I imagine it had to be at least $40 retail, and may have been worn once..?  Vests and short sleeved jackets are rather important for my little Aries.  She doesn't like socks and sleeves or hoods much.  She's been that way since her first night Earthside!  HOT BLOODED!

I also ended up with a $5 Furreal Chimp who only needed dollar store C batteries.  Runa loved him from the moment we entered.  I can't wait til she sees him animated...its pretty lifelike for a toy!  Found them on eBay for $10-$20. 

I know that when I have shopped in Target, Kohl's, and even Old Navy...the ads tell me that I am lucky to get such a great deal on these mass produced garments.  But you know what?  The clothes that have made it through the child process, that are in your local thrift shops, are pennies on the dollar to the original retail price.  And readily available for EVERY member of your family.  90%  of my recent post-separation aquisitions for my home and my living comfort were from yard sales and thrift stores.

We don't have to live like brainwashed ad zombies.  When you're broke, DON'T LIVE ABOVE YOUR MEANS when you don't have to!!!  Cut up the credit cards you use to buy department store "stuff".  You can look fantastic with booty from clothing exchanges!

I don't know how this turned into a soap box...but I do feel passionately about saving money.  One last blather....and then I'll leave this post alone.

I bought a pair of designer shoes at this same store, less than a year ago, for about $5.  I sold them last week for $300.  I used that money, to make my life wonderful for myself and my daughter.  I reinvested it into more sale items, and a gorgeous affordable wardrobe for my purpose on this Earth.  If people didn't buy designer labels and department store stuff, there wouldn't be thrift stores for people like me.  Knowing this, if you are like me, thank those people for their donations, know your budget, and spend wisely.  We can all get what we need, and we don't have to believe our financial limits somehow make us less as human beings.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012