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Monday, February 16, 2009

Make Up Art Tricks

I decided to try this craze of applying make up with a wet applicator sponge. It is completely wonderful in every single way.

Now, I have heard that there is an egg shaped sponge out there that costs around $40 and comes with it's own special cleaning solution and all. I had thought that this was the only one you could use this wet application with, NOT SO!

I am a huge germaphobe when it comes to make up sponges. I usually use my fingers to apply my own make up because after one use, I always out of habit chuck that sponge in the trash. After a few uses, most sponges create issues with application anyhow.

Using a wet sponge creates the most beautiful airbrushed look to the skin. My skin looked like porcelain. Plus, due to the buildable coverage of my Mary Kay, layer after layer went on more smoothly and flawlessly, including the yellow concealer I use under my eyes.

I wouldn't suggest hanging onto a sponge once you have used it wet more than twice. Sponges are germ breeding grounds and using it wet just adds to this risk. If you want to be more green about it, try soaking it in a good make up removal liquid to save it, but typically you can buy the little devils at any store for less than $5.

My skin has been looking paticularly dry as of late, so I must remember to put an extra bottle of moisturizer in my make up bag. During the dry winter, you should be using tons of moisturizer! And don't forget about the SPF! Just because it's cold doesn't mean that the UV rays aren't attacking your tender face vittles. ^_~

Moisturizer and spf can typically be found together in one product, including ones you might use for your lips which also need constant care in the wintery air. I love Mary Kay because the line offers everything from facial cleansers to exquisite make up. Feel free to pick my brain about anything I can help you with!

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