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Monday, November 30, 2009

halloween succulents

my gorgeous fringe booties....oh how i can't wait for warmer weather again...

also note the hideous make up line around the edge of my face. this is due to the fact that I find myself to be the lightest shade of porcelain they make...only they don't make it. i have to make it myself. after finding this out by looking at these photos, i promptly threw out the tube of make up in question, got a new one, and started experimenting with white base under it first.

i am the living freaking dead.

great gloss job tho...ladies if you want your pout to plump, use a gloss that works overtime and is a little sticky! plump with out pain!

for the record...i am well aware of how incredibly aweful and lazy a pony tail is. especially when it is still wet from the shower.....ugh. at least a chignon Joy....

totally brings the rest of the out fit down with it too....the whole thing with better styling and a full size image of it with the orange bomber jacket...suh-weet.

heres a different shot of the jacket...

and such a sweet $10 find at the Salvation Army 5 years ago.

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