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Monday, November 2, 2009

I smell like a million bucks.

Now that I am working in a chain beauty store, I am told to only wear perfume if it is sold in the store. Well, let me tell you. Some days I leave a stinky bouquet of all the wrong notes.

Today, however. I have such a sweet warm aroma, that is alluring but clean...I want to take a bite of my own arm. SO,...

First I sprayed on Gucci: Rush, because a girl at work said she experienced first hand how it attracted many men in a bar she went to once. I didn't want men to pay attention, just to smell what it was like on my skin. I always test things on the skin because everyone's own pheromones change notes.

I expected to detect Ylang Ylang, due to it's powerful seduction of the male's instincts. However it was a nice mix of vanilla and patchouli. I love patchouli, but the vanilla was a little safe to me.

Scent number 2 was Armani Code, FOR MEN! I have been wearing it the past few days and I am in love with it's sweetness. I have never heard of Guaiac Wood, or Tonka Bean, but I am in love.

The Gucci Rush was a belly and bicep spray pattern, the Armani Code the chest and forearms.

Anyhow, my that I smell lovely, and it is too bad that you can't smell via the internet. I am quite snuggly for the nose ^_~

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