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Monday, February 22, 2010

New Modeling images...

This was such a great shoot! I love the energy of EVERYONE involved! Jordan spoils me tho...he's going to turn me into a DIVA yet!

MUA: Jordan Liberty
Photo: Jonny Sorber
Hair: Alexander Tome
Wardrobe: Bella Morte/Miss Ruth's Time bomb
Philly Fox Studio, Philly PA

This is a new painting from a shoot done WAY back in 04 or 05. My artist friend Steve Cleff is having a showing in Philly and this is one of the images to be in the show!!! I'm going to ask him if he would like to make small framed prints for us to hang in the shop at TIme beautiful. I really miss my hair being that long! It's a little past my shoulders now...I'll be satisfied in 6 more inches...elated in 10!

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  1. that painting is really pretty!