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Thursday, March 4, 2010

experimenting with shoulder silhouette

You will have to pardon my lacking hair and make up here...ugh. Just experimenting with this re-fad of structured shoulders. I have a few stoles I never wear. They sit in my closet, hidden from playful kitteh toofs, doing nothing but taking up room. Well one of these has a wonderful multi-colored quality to it so I attatched some black and brown leather strings to it so it could be tied up behind the back and give the similar look of large shoulders.

thermal top: clearance @ Bonton
pants: forever 21
boots: clearance forever 21
stole: Salvation Army thrift?
hat: Walmart clearance years ago


  1. Love your thrift stole <3 Looks great, Joy!

  2. well I am of the mind set that things need to be re-used. granted I purchase a ton of "new" fashion but I always feel a little guilty...I sometimes buy vintage just cuz the pattern of fabric is amazing cuz i see potential in it to make something awesome...hence the piles I have noplace for in my house....ha ha!