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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apricot Calfoutis

So, I stumbled upon this recipe and wanted to try it out! This lady usually posts fashion blog type stuff, but this time it was an inspirational baking post!

I made my own and it was delicious! As an experiment, next time i am going to go a little lighter on the lemon zest (that's what I get for not measuring...ha ha, and use peaches for a less tangy taste. Not everyone likes apricots, and my baby seems to demand I eat as many peaches as I can possibly buy at every road side fruit stand this summer...ha ha As a prego, I have noticed I am becoming a bit more of a home maker and this marks the first occasion I have taken it upon myself to bake something!

I also noticed the recipe has a lot of extra egg batter so I cooked that up too and it's delicious with a little cinnamon and sugar on top! I think another mistake I made was using butter made with olive seemed to make the dish a bit too just real butter next time!

My dad and husband both liked it though, and honestly, those are the men folk I aim to please in my life ^_^ I can't wait ti dive into a peach version of this!

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