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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today's Outfit

sunglasses: Liz Claiborne
military jacket: Miss Ruth's Ttime Bomb
white tunic dress: Macy's in the sale
black skinny jeans: Walmart
black patent combat boots: Walmart
swirl shell necklace: gift from my dad from his trip to New Zealand
purse: Miss Ruth's Time Bomb

This military jacket can also be worn closed as a dress! I may trim off the ends of the sleeves because they gather and make it hard to roll the sleeves, which is definitely the way I plan to wear it all the time. As a dress I would pair it with some pin up style shoes, a leather belt, some cat eye make up and red lipstick! I think I need to visit Miss Ruth's and get some pretty brooches to adorn the lapel areas...hmmm? ^_~


  1. dear joy,
    i came here to thank you for your magical comment on my blog today about cedar. it warmed my heart and really soothed a lot of things within for me. it felt good to be truly seen and for cedar to be truly seen. i absolutely love the idea of cedar ending up with a partner that is also a tree name, like maple. ; ) i told my husband about it and he said "well, then they'd have to name their kids stuff that comes from trees like leafs, fruit, etc." i thought that was brilliant!

    cedar + maple and their children leaf and branch. : )

    you. are. beautiful...miss fashionista. xo

  2. I must not be getting emails for when people post comments!! Thank you for this!! ^_^ I just assumed you had so many comments mine got lost in the sea, and that's ok too. Nice to hear from you, I have traveled to your blog a lot lately in order to feel better about my new journey into make it seem so organic and natural and worth the tears and fears <3