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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Girly Day

I spent a lovely day in Harrisburg with Hope and Kelly. I adore these types of outings, and they are a rare gift these days with always being so tired from my baby growing!

We decided to have lunch at Miyako's, all of us getting rightly STUFFED for such an awesome price. MMM, sushi...I wish my baby didnt love you so much. Then I wouldn't be in danger of over doing it!!

Fashionable ladies, looking smart and meandering on 2nd street with our hot coffees in hand...^_^ It is the simple pleasures in life that make it grand.

We made one more stop at a little store which wasn't exactly a vintage or antique shop...maybe more of a junk shop with random treasures and REALLY good prices. ^_^ There's a $40 chair there I am coveting with a lion's passion!!

Then it was off to Kelly's sweet little apartment for a clothing exchange of epic proportions!!

Miss Hope in Vintage ^_^

Kelly and I's vibrant feet!!

I want to steal her hat!!

aww <3

The dress and belt were both treasures acquired at the clothing exchange!!
I do love ladies with style!


  1. You're so pretty!! You look wonderful in that leopard dress and bow. SO lovely :)