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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tribute to a Fading Season

So this was a late October make up look I did to try to relive spring again...ha ha.
My lips have been peeling quite a bit, and while I believe this may be another of those fantastic pregnancy side effects, it is annoying and leaves my lips looking a bit horrible. In order to combat this I used a Benefit pencil from their "cupids bow" kit, no longer being produced. I used the side that is meant to highlight the heart shape in the top of the lip, however i used it all over and then applied a clear gloss to the top. It evened out the irritated look of the tender spots on my mouth and actually did a lot to plump up my pout!

On the eyes I used a combination of items, including True Gold eye shadow by Bare Minerals, a Bourjois bright spring green shade, and a Rimmel Teal for the middle part.

Also, here is the baby bump!! Now at 22 weeks, we are heading into the second half of the pregnancy with much more energy and a heck of a lot more work ahead of us!! We found out last Wednesday we are having a little girl and she is BEAUTIFUL!! Not to toot my own horn, but she looks so much like me! Her little face and bone structure is undeniably from my side of the family. I just lay and watch my belly ripple for hours in the evening, trying to figure out where her teeny body is depending on the shape my tummy makes...she moves all over in there!

The technician told us that my placenta attatched to the back of the uterus, which is why we have been seeing and feeling things for such a long time compared to some other mothers. She said I have really good fluid in my uterus, and was able to get really good images of our girl because of that!

Runa Eden is such an active little girl, I know we will have our hands full!!!

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  1. i love the teal and gold eyeshadow, joy! it looks fabulous with your auburn hair! =)