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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ear Cuffs

I originally found this blog via another fashion blog. Style Hurricane is by far one of my favorite reads. You can purchase her OAK earr cuffs here.

I got one in a bright blue and one in purple. The blue feathers are my favorite color however i like the length of the purple feathers better. Currently I am coveting the blue rooster, black rooster, and black rooster with crosses. ^_^ I may end up selling the ones I have now because I have to wear my glasses all the time and the two don't seem to sit together well on my ear.

Once I have the baby I won't be nearly as blind as I am now, so I will be able to get away with not wearing my glasses 24/7.

I highly recommend this seller and blog! She's young and inspiring and beautiful too ^_^

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