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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Earring Cards

The blond is actually one I made from a caricature of a friend of mine ^_^

I am working on a huge Etsy store update!

A few years back I was working with a partner who created jewelry. We had a very small business called Kill Betty, Inc. which focused on handmade art for a slightly more adventurous type of girl.

The business didn't ever really get off the ground, but I kept the files for these cards. Then after a total nesting frenzy the other night, I decided to dig them up, print them out, and use them to make all my rad vintage earrings sparkle and shine their way into new homes ^_^

Besides these, I am going to be listing some vintage clothing items, hand made snood/eternity scarves, house hold rags in pretty colors, and anything else I can make with my hands. I was also thinking on offering the earring cards as supplies on Etsy as well. I feel the need to draw up a few new ones too...!

I'll have to upload a few more from the ol' KBI days soon too ^_^ Lots of edgy pin up girls and wild colored hair.

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