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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hope's Birthday Party ^_^

My friend Hope turned 18 in December ^_^

Lots of fashionable ladies were in attendance, all had their own special sense of beauty which I always adore. Nice to see so many varieties of glamour.

....and the Lady of the Hour ^_^ all glammed out in rhinestones and 80's blue ball gown.

....happy birthday dear Hope...

gave me an excuse to get all dolled up other than the holidays ^_^

I pulled out my white rabbit coat which I havent even worn once since I got it last year. ^_^

I finally have the right hair color to feel comfortable in plum lipstick!
clutch (on the floor), dress, boots, and much of the jewelry from Miss Ruth's Time bomb and other various thrift/vintage shops. Necklace and 2 big costume bling rings from Hope ^_^


  1. great post, joy! i just loved your outfit-you are beautiful! =)