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Saturday, January 29, 2011


If you know me, in person I am usually fiddling with either my nails, or my hair.  Part of it, is what is left of a nervous habit, and part is due to my Virgo Moon and that my Venus is in Cancer. 


I had a wicked nail biting habit when I was young, but after many years I have learned to leave it behind!  So now I work hard to keep them healthy and cuticle free, and if I can help it with a protective, often colorful shade of nail polish.  

I work with my hands a lot, so I do tend to change it up alot.  If it's not shampooing a client it's the endless dishes in my sink or the dry winter weather or the oils I am rubbing into my big baby belly ^_^  I just can't keep the polish on for more than a week!

This beautiful shade of grey is Moon Over Mumbai by OPI.  This set of images was from last June (2010) right before we found out we are having a Runa!  I love this color because it seems to make the nail beds look nice and long, and it has the slightest amount of shimmer to it.  I found that while it is a shade of gray, it makes nails look healthier than when they are plain. 

Usually I am much better at staying in the lines..ha ha. 

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