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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Interior Inspiration

Lately in my very few spare moments, I have been day dreaming about my ideal home.  We watch a little too much HGTV in this house.  ^_^  So, while I am covered in drool, wearing sweatpants, and trying to do laundry, my thoughts wander.  I start thinking words like "crown molding", "pickled floors", and "on suite bathroom".  Beautiful satisfying words like "under mount sinks", "kitschy taxidermy", and "dumb waiter".  

Then I hop about my blogs and steal inspirations.  Here are todays:

All in all, I'm not much a fan of this yellow lamp.  A bit more chartreuse and I'm more excited.  The wall paper is neat, reminds me of a GIGANTIC house I cleaned once.  I got to take home about 8 arm loads worth of vintage records the old tennants had left in the attic!  Each HUGE bedroom had a different theme, and they all had some fantastic vintage wall paper just like this.

This Blue velvet chase is face melting good.  I'd certainly have some more color on the walls and some fur draped here and there, and probably get rid of everything else other than that superb peacock feather pillow.

 On especially tasty word rolling around in my mouth lately is BLOND WOOD.  Pickled floors and blond wood.  Here you also get nail heads and benches...what more could you seriously ever want in a dining area?!?  It's out side the box, it's elegant, but it's not archaic.  GAH! 

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