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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Gelish by Nail Harmony in Bella's Vampire

I work as a nail tech and hair stylist at Evolve Salon.  Our most popular service is the Gelish Manicure for up to 3 weeks of wear and stunning high gloss finish.  These are my own real nails, however I am frequently asked if they are fake!  I have changed the shape of my nails since these pictures were taken so it is a little strange to see them rather rectangular.  

Gelish is my new favorite product.  It allows me to use nail polish remover on clients and not lose my finish, and I can keep them longer and stronger for weeks with out the upkeep and commitment of damaging acrylics!  

*tsk *tsk  such a shame that I have 2 bins of OPI and Essie upstairs collecting dust...

In other news, I am contemplating getting my nose re-pierced.  I talked to someone who said if I keep sterling silver or gold jewelry in it that it should not reject the piercing this time round. I do miss it so much...  ^_^

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