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Friday, January 29, 2010

2 Product Reviews

Hello Lovelies ^_^

Today I am reviewing 2 beauty products for you.

C. Booth Volcanic Mud Mask

I love this mask! I can use it as a spot treatment, or all over my face for maximum benefits. Typically I use it on my T-Zone. This mask is really fantastic for shrinking pores. I am 25, and the older I get, I am noticing my pores around the creases of my nose are getting larger as well as producing more oil. This can lead to issues with make up application. The bigger they get the older they can make a person look and feel. Youthful skin at it's peak is almost devoid of pores all together.

The mask starts out dark grey, and as it dries turns light grey. The pores that require drying out will keep the mask dark grey in only those areas. This is good to show you where your problem areas are. The mask wipes away with luke warm water.

The second Product is Essie Nail Polish in Lilacism

This is a beautiful shade for spring, or to brighten up the winter blues. PA winter is unpleasant. I find it to be quite chilly and dry, and I am dying for the first bright green shoots of growth.

This color almost seems to glow for the first few days. The only complaint I have is that it takes about 5 layers to get real full coverage. The color is beautiful and I get compliments on it all day by many different ages of women. Lilac truly reminds me of my childhood...the color, the scent...I had a lilac bush in my back yard when I was a child. It's whimsical and magical. I am also loving Estee Lauder Pleasures because it has the most heavenly scent of lilacs.

This is me, before work, blogging you all the best in my experience.. ha ha! Totally clean faced...ack! No, my skin is not perfect... YES, I use some of the best make up on earth so stay tuned for more reviews so you can fake it too!

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