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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not so Scent-ual

Ok, as i have noted before i work for a giant cosmetics retailer. So Fragrance is always available for testing.

Ed Hardy has become quite a popular, rather irritatingly expensive, label. So I decided to try their "Love and Luck" fragrance. At first it reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue. It's citrus smell is nice....but a las, Ed Hardy is a waste of any of your spending dollars. It really is all very trailor trash.

I have also tried the Hearts & Daggers which just came out. It reminds me of the smell of teenage girls in their cars smoking the real cars street kids had with a hundred bottles and cans in the bottom. It was good fun, but i have felt the need to move on to more classy things.

The Ed Hardy just stank. It had too many things going on in it. I mean like literally one of everything that a lot of people think smell good. NOT to all be used in tandem.

Ed Hardy
1. bergamot
2. blood orange
3. black currant
4. pink pepper
5. nectarine
6. jasmine
7. plum
8. musk
9. cedar
10. sandalwood
11. patchouli

too many, patchouli just really went too effin far. c'mon.

Light Bleu ^_^

1. Sicilian citron
2. blue bell
3. granny smith apple
4. jasmine sambac
5. bamboo
6. white rose
7. cedarwood
8. amber
9. musk

actually, my words are this angel tougued review. really lovely, yes?

It's my favorite spring and summer fragrance.

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