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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Michael Kors

I am truly loving the new spring looks many designers are creating. Being that spring will bring my new son or daughter into this world, the more comfy the clothing at that time in my life, the better! A lot of designers are creating looks using jersey and sweat shirt materials. I've recently noticed a lot of things on etsy and ebay from DIYers that exhibit hooded sweat shirt dresses and similar pieces.

Another S/S 2011 theme is the use of layers of sheers in light neutral colors. As I am getting older, the goth punk and edgy interests I once did to the extreme are softening. I am currently completely in love with the Maxi dress/cropped jacket look. I am looking to find the perfect cropped (and reasonably priced) jacket at my local thrift store, and I'm willing to sacrifice perfect fit because I finally found a great seamstress who works for pretty cheap!!

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